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Dear all, 

We all know hygiene is a critical factor in today’s life. Let’s look at a simple habit of washing hands after restroom usage. How many of us wash our hands after restroom usage?!! Of course many of us do. A washroom services company conducted a survey of 1 lakh people. The results were shocking. A staggering 62% of men do not wash hands after using the restroom. 40% women admit they too share this dirty habit. A typical Influenza bacteria can. survive on door handles for 2 to 8hrs. In an office infections can spread as fast as within 2 hrs.Owing to this some of us don’t like using public restroom door handles directly and use tissue papers. We are humans, not so cautious always. In an effort to create hygienic surroundings Airson. Technology Services has come up with a simple to use product Step2out. No more need to use your hands to touch unhygienic restroom door handles. You can simply place your foot on Step2Up and pull the door towards you to move out. personally recommend it’s installation in places like public restrooms. 

Thank you   

– Dr. Uma

Just AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Always hated having to use a paper towel to open a door after I just washed my hands at my office. Step2out is a simple solution to one of the major issues in the world who don’t take it seriously . Highly recommended in any business setting!

– Janardhan Reddy


As a Doctor ,we Indian are unaware of maintaining hygiene , I have always been educating people about hygiene and recommended STEP2OUT to all my patients. Step2out is the best product -handless toilet door opener, Highly recommended, quick installation, cost effective, infection control… the endless list goes on!

– Shankar

I am a consultant , I have travelled across the world , generally other parts of the world are aware of hygiene and issues related to contamination from the common toilets in the hotels, restaurants etc , but still i have fallen sick due to contaimations . When I saw STEP2OUT product in my clients office ,i immediately enquired my  client about step2out and got it installed in my office.

– Venkat