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Good Idea

Prior to inception of Airsontech- Step2out Guru was working for MNC company , where guru shared restrooms with a big number of 70-100 coworkers and usually found door knobs to be wet and un-hygiene and always had to go back wash his hands and then pick tissues to open the knob. Guru was taunted by this toilet door knobs un-hygiene and spoke to some of colleagues and friend ,One of his Friend (present customer )shared an survey article  conducted by a reputed washroom service company conducted on 1 lakh people , Which Was largest ever analysis into hand washing habits.The results were shocking!A staggering 62% of men do not wash their hands after using the restroom survey revealed. While 42% women admit they too share this habit.A typical influenza bacteria can survive on doors and knobs for 2 to 8 hrs. Research suggests in an office environment usually infections can spread within as short as two hrs.