Corona Scare: Beware of these five germiest places in your office

According to an estimation, around 80% of all diseases are spread through direct contact with contaminated surfaces. In your workplaces, there are innumerable things that you are touching everyday and are becoming more prone to various kind of illnesses unknowingly. Following are the most germ prone areas in your workplace. From next time onwards, do keep an eye on them.Every person uses the door knob to get around in their workplace. The more people touch the door knob, the more germs there is; and these germs can get easily transferred to a person.Desktop keyboards tend to have a lot of germs because many people who eat at their desk spill their food or drinks that can get accumulated in between the keys. Your keyboard should be cleaned daily with a disinfectant wipe. Wash your hands properly with soap and water after touching the keyboard.Hundreds of people are using the elevator every day and the buttons are touched by many hands, which contain a lot of germs. Avoid direct hand contact with the elevator buttons and use your elbows instead when you push the buttons.In offices, some coffee maker machines are not cleaned properly. If not cleaned, the bacteria tend to grow in damp, dark places of these machines and this can transfer germs into your body when you touch it.The faucet handles or the button used for flushing the toilet contains a lot of germs because many people are using it. After you use the bathroom, make sure to apply hand sanitizer on your hand.


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