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Our Vision

To be the world leader for the mechanical products engineering design and research community globally.

Our Mission

Serve society through innovation ,advance engineering for the benefit of humanity.


Cultivates collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development across innovative engineering disciplines.

Our Story

Airson Technology Services founded in 2017 aimed at developing products for maintaining hygiene. We are a mechanical based firm specializing in product design and development.

We design and develop restroom accessories, kitchen aids and mechanical toys. Come to us with your ideas, we design and develop custom products for you. Since inception our motto is to design and develop products in maintaining a hygienic environment. The first of this kind is Step2out hands free door opener specially designed for corporate restrooms.

Prior to inception of Airsontech – Step2out Guru was working for MNC company, where guru shared restrooms with a big number of 70-100coworkers  and  usually found door knobs to be wet  and un-hygiene and always had to go back wash his hands , pick tissues to open the un-hygiene door knob.

Guru was taunted by this toilet door knobs un-hygiene issue and spoke to some of his colleagues  and friend ,One of his Friend (present customer)  shared  an survey article conducted by a reputed washroom service company   conducted on 1 lakh people, Which Was largest ever analysis into hand washing habits.

The results were shocking! A staggering 62% of men do not wash their hands after using the restroom survey revealed. While 42%  women admit they too share this habit.

A typical influenza bacteria can survive on doors and knobs for 2 to 8 hrs. Research suggests in an office environment usually infections can spread within as short as two hrs.

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Airsontech Team Member

Gurusiddesh Kumar H E

Gurusiddesh Kumar H E

Founder & Director
Just AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Always hated having to use a paper towel to open a door after I just washed my hands at my office. Step2out is a simple solution to one of the major issues in the world who don’t take it seriously . Highly recommended in any business setting!